Mage2Gen – Generate Magento 2 Modules!

The first version of Magento 2 was released 2 years ago! Many modules were made in this period, but there could have been more if everybody was using Mage2Gen. If you are not using Mage2Gen you now should take this change to save time and create more modules!

About Mage2Gen

Mage2Gen is an easy to use open source module generator for Magento 2. With the extensive interface the user can easily generate base code for a Magento 2 module.

The following parts can be generated by Mage2Gen: controllers, models, blocks, template files, plugins (the new rewrites), observer, console scripts and product attributes. Even more will be added in future updates.

Once logged in, you can save all of the generated modules. This enables you to go back to a module and generate a part that you possibly forgot when you initially created the module.

When the module is complete, you can download it as a zipfile or immediately install it with the provided wget shell command!

About Mage2Gen sourceĀ

Stop now writing basic code and start saving time by generating modules with Mage2Gen!