Magento 2 Tips & Tricks for PHP Storm!

There are several Plugins and Templates available to combine PHPStorm with Magento2. The following Plugin and Live templates a recommend!

Amazing Free Plugin – Magento2 Plugin!

This plugin makes the live of a Magento 2 developer better! The plugin is created to imporove life-work balance while working with Magento 2. The most interesting features are the Code Helpers! Check this small demo!

Amazing Free Plugin – Recent Projects Extender!

Extends the size of your “Reopen Recent Projects” list (alt-R) to 50.


Awesome Live Templates!

If you start using these templates I promise you, your work will be easier, more efficient and eventually more fun! When you see the following demo you are sold!


Magento 2 MSP_DevTools

Use the PHPStorm Plugin Remote Call in combinatie met MSP DevTools kun je in M2 template hints openen in PHPStorm! Get DeveloperTools in your Chrome Inspector!


Initialize Fields

Stop typing PHP Block Info and stop creating private vars! Just Initialize Fields see the following Example:

Windows use Alt + Enter


PhpStorm Tips!!

Learn to better use PhpStorm

Through a library of bite-sized tips in GIF format


JS GraphQL Plugin

Screenshot #15518